VMI/Bin Stock Program

Inventory management programs increase productivity and decrease operational expenses. Some of the major advantages of implementing a custom designed bin stocking program are:

  • Reduction of procurement costs. (Elimination of routine purchase orders).
  • Elimination of transportation charges. (Material is delivered to your facility)
  • Reduction of inventory management expenses.
  • Elimination of production down time, due to parts shortages. (ACF maintains your floor stock inventory levels to prevent down time).
  • Reduction of quality assurance costs. (ACF pre-inspects all items to assure that all materials meet your specifications).


Please contact the ACF sales team to arrange for a comprehensive bin stock presentation with our team of inventory management specialists.


ACF will assemble kits to your specifications.  We assemble over a million kits a year.  A kit can include standard fasteners, variety of fasteners and components for your customer to put together your product and kits that include your parts.

ACF specializes in kits for assembly lines, providing the correct parts to assemble equipment on the line.


ACF will provide fasteners and certain components to meet your rust-inhibiting.  Plating and testing as necessary to meet salt-spray requirements or other requirements.  Further, products can be passivated or clean-room packaged to meet stringent requirements.

ACF can provide Powder-coated products and Painted parts to your exact color and specification.


ACF can provide PPAP’s and First Articles for any new product you have need.  We provide the detailed reports and timely processes.


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