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ACF is proud to distribute the leading-edge products represented in our Product Line Card. Each of these name-brand manufacturers has provided high-quality products and dependable service for many years. ACF is confident that you will benefit from the application assistance provided by our own sales staff as well as the factory engineering teams.

Several of the manufacturers listed below have Web sites. To visit a manufacturer’s Web site simply click on the company name if it appears as a highlighted link.

Master Distributor for



Plastic Shelf Bins, Cabinets, Dividers

Carey. Amaton

Spacers, Standoffs, Handles

Amazing Magnets

Strong Neodymium Magnets


Apex Assembly Tools

Bits, Bit Holders, Hand Drivers, Nutsetters, Sockets, Extensions, Universal Wrenches

Associated Spring

Spring Washers, Springs, Compression-Extension

AVK Industrial Products

“Nut Sert” Insert Fasteners, “Rivet Nuts”, Installation Tools

W.M. Berg

Precision Mechanical Components

Bondhus Balldriver Products

Switches, Indicator Lights, Fuseholders, IEC Sockets

Budwig Molded Products

Injection molded thermoplastic products

Cambion Electronics Ltd

Electro-mechanical and Inductive Components

Cambridge Resources

Hose clamps, cable & wire management, hvac, security seals & more…

Camera / Textron

High Strength “TORX Plus” Socket Products, “Taptite” Thread-Rolling Screws, “Plastite” Thread-Forming Screws, Cold-Formed Components

Captive Fasteners

Self-Clinching Nuts and Studs


The largest selection of Product Protection. Caps, Plugs, Tubing, and Other Protective Closures.

Catamount/Thomas & Betts

Nylon Hardware, Tubing, Cable Ties, Electronic Interconnects

Chicago. Hardware & Fixture Co.

USA MADE Industrial and Marine Hardware, U-Bolts, Forged Eye Bolts, Threaded Rod, Wire Rope Clips

CIT Relay & Switch

CIT RELAY & SWITCH manufactures a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial, thru-hole and surface mount switches and relays.

Concord Electronics

Terminals, Plugs and Jacks, RF Connectors

CapplugsComponents Corporation

precision printed circuit card edge connectors, printed circuit test points, interconnect and testing devices, preform jumpers and hardware, and battery contacts

Essentra Components

knobs, handles, enclosures, covers

Fastex Division / ITW

Self-Adhesive Bumpers

General Cable

Wire & Cable, Multi-conductor, Hook Up, Computer, Communication, Security

Helicil Inserts

Free running screw thread inserts – UNC & Metric

Holo-Krome / Allenm

Socket Capscrews, Set Screws, Socket Shoulder Screws, Flat Socket Screws, Button Socket Screws, Dowel Pins, Hex Keys, “Clamp-Tite”, Collars


Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Ideal Industries

Wire connectors, crimp connectors, terminal strips, wire strippers, crimp tools, hand tools.

E.F. Johnson

Test Probes, Connectors, Capacitors

Gardener Bender

Gardner Bender branded electrical tools, voltage testers, wire management products and professional equipment.

Keystone Electronics

Battery Connectors & Holders, PCB Components, Interconnect Components, Test Components, Mechanical Hardware, PCB Hardware, Panel Hardware, Custom Capabilities: Stamping, Machining, Assembly

LMI Components

PC Mount & Panel Mount Eurostyle Terminal Blocks & Connectiors for the electronic & electrical industry


Electronic and Connector Hardware

Majr Products

MAJR is an internationally recognized manufacturer of Electromagnetic Interference / Radio Frequency Interference Shielding Products.

Marson/Creative fasteners

Featuring the Klik-Fast line of riveting products: blind rivets, threaded inserts, rivet setting tools, steel, aluminum, stainless, copper/brass, plastic.

Micro Plastics

Nylon Fasteners/Connectors

Molex (from Waldom Electronics)

Terminals, Connectors, Interconnects, Switches, IC Sockets

Nucor Fastener

Domestic (SAE J429) Grade “5” and Grade “8” Hex Head Capscrews, Metric Standard (SAE J1199) Grades 8.8 and 10.9 Hex Caps


Optifuse carries various types of fuses, resettable fuses (PTCs), Fuse Holders, Fuse Blocks Circuit Breakers, Fuse AC Receptacle, Fuse Clips, and Fuseology.

Panduit Corporation

Cable Ties, Wiring Duct, Identification Products, Terminals, Foam Tape, Tubing

PIC Design

Precision Mechanical Components

Powers Fasteners

Mechanical fasteners, wall anchors, power actuated fasteners, adhesives.

POP Brand Rivet


PTR Connex

PTR CONNEX is a leading manufacturer of Euro Style Terminal Blocks & Connectors for Printed Circuit Boards as well as DIN Rail Terminal Blocks & Accessories.

R.A.F. Electronic Hardware

Spacers, Standoffs, Handles, Panel Hardware

Richo Plastics (Essentra Components)

Circuit Board Components, Mounts, Cable Ties and Accessories

Rotor Clip

Retaining Ring/Assembly Tool

Shakeproof Div / ITW

Lockwashers/Spring Washers, “SyncNut” Fasteners, “Keps” Nuts, “Square Cone” “Sems” Screws, “Taptite” Thread Rolling Screws

H.H. Smith (NT-T)

Electronic Hardware Handles, Components


Static Control Products

Seastrom Manufacturing

Insulating Washers


Drive Rivets, Latches, 1/4 Turn Fasteners

Sumitomo Electric

Interconnect Products Inc. Sumitube® Heat-Shrinkable Tubing, Sumimark® Marking System

Superior Washer

Washers and gaskets

Swiss Precision Instruments

Measurement Tools, Shop Accessories

SPS Technologies

“Unbrako” Socket Products, Flexlock Nuts

Stanley Engineered Fastening


3M Electronic Specialty Markets

“Bumpon” Protective Products, “Scotchmate” Hook and Loop Fastening Systems, 3M Tape, IDC Connectors and Sockets.

3M Industrial Markets

Abrasive Products, Flexographic® Mounting Tape, 3M Electrical Tape, Cleanroom Products, Packaging Solutions, Woodworking Products.


EMI/RFI Shielding Photoetched Parts Flexible Circuits


Cable Ties & Accessories, Wiring Duct, Identification Products

Unitus Corporation

Fasteners & Components

Utica Torque Products

Torque Sensing Wrenches, Electronic Torque Analysers, Torque Limiting Screwdrivers

VMP Inc.

Inserts for Industry

Volt Industrial Plastics

Nylon Fasteners and Custom Injection-Molded Parts

S.L. Waber

Multiple Outlet Strips

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